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Facade Compliance

BlueLight Management

BlueLight is a management consultancy committed to underpinning and protecting the interests of its clients engaged in the delivery of major complex construction and engineering projects.

It offers a specialist suite of bespoke services, that can be summarised as:

  • Project Management Services
  • Project Strategy / Turnaround Solutions
  • Defect Remediation and Compliance Solutions
  • Managing PFI contracts including expiry (e.g. the transfer of assets in the required condition / recourse options)
  • CDM and Principal Designer Services
  • Appointed Person duties under Building Safety Act 2022

BlueLight encompasses a range of expertise in project delivery, commercial management, contract management, design management, defects management and legal management. This expertise enables it to provide an unrivalled combination of services that deliver solutions to clients that are typically experiencing programme and commercial slippage or technical and/or contractual disputes.

BlueLight is also engaged by clients where there are concerns that handed over buildings and other assets could be defective and in need of rectification.

Why BlueLight?

The firm's Directors possess a unique blend of construction, commercial, contractual and legal management skills which, when combined with BlueLight's boutique of other technical experts enables optimal and holistic project solutions to be successfully implemented. It is a service that most other consultancies would struggle to provide.

In essence, BlueLight knows how to deliver a successful outcome on each project in the most difficult and challenging of circumstances.

Project Strategy

Project Strategy, Compliance, Turnaround and Resolution

In conjunction with its clients BlueLight develops bespoke and high-level intervention strategies, drawing upon its impressive network of leading technical experts from a broad spectrum of specialist fields.

BlueLight possesses a wealth of experience in the delivery of major projects including healthcare buildings and infrastructure, public sector, civil engineering and process engineering, on projects ranging in value from £20 million to £2 billion.

BlueLight's network of leading technical experts includes:

  • Project Delivery Experts
  • Fire Engineering Experts
  • Expert Architects
  • Expert MEP Engineers
  • Expert Structural Engineers
  • Expert Building Surveyors
  • Forensic Quantum Experts
  • Forensic Delay Experts
  • Façade Remediation Specialists
  • Firestopping Specialists
  • Contract and Legal Experts
  • Forensic Accountants
  • Procurement Experts
Facade Compliance and Fire Defects

Façade Compliance / Fire Defects

Our network of experts includes professionals who are highly experienced in examining façade designs and installations to establish compliance against the relevant regulations. This is essential in view of the heightened fire risks caused by the widespread failures in product specifications and poor site practices that have been prevalent over the last two decades.

BlueLight can provide a combination of services including full investigation of current installation details, identification of design or installation errors, identification of contractual responsibilities and liabilities, provide suggested remedial solutions, project manage the remediation and obtain compensatory damages for its clients.

BlueLight has developed, in conjunction with Façade Remediation Specialists, 'off the shelf' compliant cladding solutions so that it has a 'pre-pack' of product, detailed design, costings, programme and planning documents ready in a situation where remediation is promptly required to protect life and property and achieve regulatory compliance.

BlueLight can also identify and implement the process of obtaining recompense from responsible parties, through contractual adjudication routes or other avenues should this be appropriate. The team has worked on numerous public and private sector projects throughout the UK (including high value NHS projects) and has successfully obtained recompense for its clients from designers and contractors for non-compliant façade installations and other fire related defects. BlueLight has expertise in the identification and quantification of compensation that can be claimed by owners and leaseholders for such defects and in the development of contract, adjudication and other commercial strategies to recover such compensation.

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